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Specialists to the Metal Casting Industry
410 Church St., STE 204
Bangor PA 18013  USA
Tel: 1.215.340.9072
e-mail: jfolk@folkgroup.com
The Folk Group is the leading merger and acquisition firm serving the metal casting industry in North America. Since 1996 we have completed 31 metal casting transactions.

 No one knows the markets for metal casting operations better than The Folk Group. Our database is kept current and has over 1,903 owners of metal casting companies in the U.S., 150 in Canada, 1,430 in Mexico and 5,255 in other parts of the world, most with links to web sites. We have key contacts, metals cast, molding methods and approximate size for nearly every U. S. and Canadian company in our database.

 In addition, our database includes 390 financial investors whose investment criteria include metal casters. Of those, 239 currently own or have owned metal casting companies.

 No one knows the market for selling metal casting companies better than The Folk Group. We are in contact with all the factors that drive the market on an ongoing basis. When you retain us, you do not need to teach us your industry or your market.

Transactions we have completed: