Merger Acquisition & Divestiture Consultants To The Metal Casting Industry


Specialists to the
Metal Casting Industry

Specialists to the Metal Casting Industry

The Folk Group
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Performance Reviews

The Folk Group is staffed with professionals who have operating experience in all aspects of metal casting operations. In addition, our exposure to over 100 metal casters provides us with a wealth of experience in good operating practices. We have experience in sand casting, die casting, investment casting, vacuum casting, permanent mold and other methods.

A comprehensive operating review will include, but is not limited to,:

Marketing and Sales

  • Identifying potential customers.
  • Evaluating performance with existing customers.
  • Identifying best fit work for your company.
  • Analysis of the sales effort.
  • Analysis of the customer service function.
  • Recommendations for improvement.

Production Operations

Comparison of your performance versus industry benchmarks . . . . man-hours per ton/pound, sales dollars per employee, performance trends, scrap levels and other measures.

  • Productivity analysis – specific target areas for improvement.
  • Lean manufacturing implementation, 5S and Six Sigma.
  • Capacity analysis.
  • Plant balancing.
  • Work-flow improvement.


  • Management reporting systems.
  • Administrative work flow.


  • Performance evaluation.
  • Evaluation systems.
  • Bonus and performance systems.