State of the Industry
The Folk Group is in contact with many sectors of the metal casting industry.  It's important to us to know what is happening in the industry.  Our reports on the State of the Industry are not the result of organized data research but are the compiled reports of what we hear directly from people in the metal casting industry.  You are free to share the reports provided they are attributed to The Folk Group
State of the Industry - By Market
End markets frequently have impact on varied segments of metal casting.  Major markets
cross segment impacts include:
State of the Industry by Metal
Major metal segments normally covered include: gray/ductile iron, aluminum, zinc, and brass/bronze.
State of the Industry by Country
Offshore manufacturing has had a major impact on the North American metalcasting
industry.  This impact fluctuates depending on exchange rates, transportation costs
and internal country dynamics.

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State of the Industry 
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