Merger Acquisition & Divestiture Consultants To The Metal Casting Industry


Specialists to the
Metal Casting Industry

Specialists to the Metal Casting Industry

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We've Spent The Better Part Of Our Lives In Metal Casting.

We do a lot more research on both sides to put people together. We really take the time to know their business.

Which Explains A Few Things.

When you come from metal casting, you know metal casting from the inside out.

The Folk Group are consultants to the metal casting industry in the transaction of mid-size mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. It's what we do, and we're experts in the field

Each of us brings years of experience working inside a foundry - managing, operating, or building - to our clients and to the table. We've paid our dues, climbed the scaffold, and learned a few things about metal casting along the way.

For example: When you go to assess your foundry's assets before offering, it's essential to show prospective buyers reconstructed profit and loss statements that include defendable addbacks. This offers them a truer picture of profit, and may make them more comfortable with higher offers. Also, reconstructed balance sheets give a more realistic assessment of equipment value, and a depreciation outlook buyers can live with. Traditional balance statements tend to undervalue equipment - equipment which may be five to seven years old, but which has 20-year productive life. Consultants less knowledgeable about metal casting may not see the value of these things.

Or take a foundry's operating capacities. More generic consultants may not always know how to interpret different processes, or how meaningful they are in determining value. Which makes finding a good match tougher.

But inside edge is everyday stuff here. You can be confident in an expedient, '

profitable transaction when you use the Folk Group because experience and intelligence are built into our master plan. And into the Offering Memorandum and Database that are its cornerstones.

The Folk Group Offering Memorandum.

One client had a proprietary piston-engine cylinder-head manufacturing process. Our knowledge of that procedure helped the sale.

Sales Tool Second To None.

The Folk Group prepares an offering memorandum for sellers that is strategic, comprehensive, and detailed. It's called The Folk Group Offering Memorandum, and it's the deepest one in the industry.

A good offering memorandum will describe a foundry and list its assets.

A great offering memo will do more - go further into operating description, facility history and processes. Touch on all the Vitals. Fully juStify the asking price.

The Folk Group Offering Memorandum

Executive Summary with Corporate Overview
Not just financials. Complete operating, processes and management data.

Facility Description
Total capacity and output. Processes and proprietary techniques.

Assets Inventory and Description
Equipment age, depreciation and condition. Detail.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Categories
A good picture of the markets a company serves. For better strategic fits.

Analysis of Industry and Competition
Puts the sale in context. Helps you refine and feel secure about you offer or asking price.

Company Organization and Management
Resumes, organizational chart, bios. You know who you're dealing with.

Future Outlook
This projection helps buyers hone their offer or asking price and learn the potential of the facility.

Historic Balance and Profit and Loss Sheest
Accountant and internal statements.

Reconstructed Profit and Loss Statemen
Clarifies historc financial data. Buyers learn why profit statements may be

Data That Does Something.

We've got the depth and connections to make the transaction happen.

Gets You Buyers. Get You Sellers. Lives On Line.

It's a 4,100-entry empire. And it's alive.

The Folk Group Proprietary Database is a 20-year accumulation of know-how. It's been built up, made tough, and revamped. Developed, pruned and researched. Verified and redesigned. Soit's always relevant and accurate, right now

This to-the-moment compendium of facts, figures and dd-you-know industr info brings qualfied buyers and sellers together. More information in more detail, including must-have names and numbers is here, helping you, when you use The Folk Group.

Jim Folk.

Jim Folk has BS Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, an MBA from Lehigh University, is a licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania and has paid his dues.

With the Victaulic Company of America for 7 years, he worked it all, eventually landing positions as Manager of Engineering and Manager of Manufacturing. On to the Follett Corporation, a major commercial food service equipment manufacturer, as Manager of Manufacturing, then to The Folk Group which he founded in 1981.

The Folk Group has represented more than 140 companies in mid-size consulting and M&A ventures. Please give us a call if we can be of assistance to you at 215. 340. 9072.